J. Technical Services was founded in 1989
by a 30 year veteran of a major glass
container manufacturer. During his career,
he contributed to projects developing fiber optics,
electro plasma displays, and the first electronic
process control system used in the glass industry.

The sole thrust of the business was to provide
electronic repair support to the glass plants
on such systems as electronic process control
and optical inspection systems. J. Technical Services
has since developed a speciality in obsolete and
non supported systems, for a wide variety of customers.

In 1993 J. Technical Services diversified its business
base with the purchase of Toledo Torch and Regulator Repair,
a 10 year old company dedicated to the repair and sale of torches
and regulators. Including industrial, medical and spec. gas.

Later that year, J. Technical Services entered the
medical equipment repair field, specializing in
dental equipment and gas delivery systems.
Growth continued and in 1997 J. Technical Services
doubled the size of its facility.

Today J. Technical Services is comprised of three divisions,
Industrial Electronics, Medical Equipment, and Gas Apparatus (Toledo Torch).
J. Technical Services provides solutions to a variety of companies
from large manufacturing firms to individual end users.

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